What Fandom.Live
is all about

What Fandom.Live is all about

Live Entertainment, Crowd Voting, Crowd Funding and Blockchain – all rolled up into One.

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Where fans have the power!

Fandom.Live is the world’s first crowdsourcing platform that revolutionizes the traditional live entertainment industry through fan-centric innovation.
The innovative services of Fandom.Live eliminates the barriers of investing in the live entertainment industry. Opening it up to a wider group of investors, who previously lacked access.
We leverage fan participation on our platform, turning them into viral social campaigns that give us valuable data and insight into their favorite sports matches, concerts and e-sports games around the world.

The Benefits

Event promoters secure the finances they require thus reducing conflicts such as event abandonment, event venue changes, etc.

Event promoters now have data to leverage when making important business decisions such as – what entertainer, what venue, what merchandise, etc.

Fans become part of the decision making process and can now determine the outcome of an event.

Fans get the opportunity to get access to unique and exclusive rewards such as early notification ticket sales, VIP packages, merchandise and more.

Fans can earn great returns through investments in the event.

Key Features

Gather & connect with fellow fans to impact decisions on upcoming events.
With each membership get access to unique perks and securities crowdfunding
Compete with fellow fans to be at the top of the leaderboard. Unique prices and jackpots for top winners.
Level up your profile to get access to FDP multipliers to increase your chances of gaining more FDP.
Security in payments and investments to ensure safety and comfort for all fanson the platform.
Payment gateway
Secure and flexible payment gateway that accepts fiat and crypto payments.
Why Blockchain?

The Benefits of Blockchain in Crowdfunding.

Decentralization crowdfunding platforms
Crypto-equity trading
Enforcing funding terms
Global Wealth Creation
Lowering taxation fee
Removing Middlemen

Fandom Point (FDP) a part of our internal engagement metric is used to reward users for participating on the platform. Users gain points based on their level of participation in Fandom.Live ecosystem with actions such as voting, commenting and sharing campaigns.


Fandom Token (FDT) is our primary token and payment method for the Fandom.Live ecosystem, members use FDT to receive merchandise or rewards packages from our campaigns and have the added ability to convert the FDT they have gained to participate in our crowd securities campaigns.


Fandom Dollar (FDD) is a term for out credible stable coins that act as the main investment currency for securities crowdfunding campaigns. Returns on this investment are made in FDD. USDT, TUSD are considered as alternatives to FDD.

Platform Campaigns

Roadmap 2019 / 2020

Way to the Big Show

Token Sales Terms

FDT Fundraising Goals

$ 10,000,000 USD

Hard Cap

$ 5,000,000 USD

Soft Cap

25,000,000,000 FDT

Total Token Supply


Token Type


Purchase Methods

Token Allocation

  • Token Sales 40.00%
  • Reserve - 25.00%
  • Ecosystem- 17.00%
  • Marketing & Partners - 10.00%
  • Founders - 6.00%
  • Adivisors - 2.00%

Fund Allocation

  • Marketing - 35.00%
  • Operation 25.00%
  • Platform Dev - 12.00%
  • IP investment - 10.00%
  • Accounting/legal management- 8.00%
  • Infrastructure - 7.00%
  • Contingency fund- 3.00%

Our Team Leaders

 Meet a Crew of Professionals

Aiden K Moon
Aiden K Moon
CEO & Founder

Aiden has over 20 years of experience within the venture capital and private equity industry in asia with multiple years as a top executive-

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At various startups within the technology, sports, and entertainment industries. He specializes in entrepreneurship and is currently engaged in multiple senior roles at various blockchain startups. He brings invaluable insights and leadership to the team in the consumer technology space.
Dia Akilli
Dia Akilli

Dia possesses over a decade of experience in online gaming and digital media with real-world applications to startups and-

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Entrepreneurship. Over her career, Dia has applied her knowledge across multiple senior roles within the industry including during her time at the Rodi Co and Decasoft AG. Her enthusiasm in the realm of gamification has led to her development a unique understanding of mobile application development, social gaming and systems management.
Brian Cusicanqui
Brian Cusicanqui

Brian is a serial entrepreneur and digital media enthusiast with several successful years of experience in marketing and product-

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Development having initially started his career in North America, Brian has since gathered over a decade of experience across multiple marketing including Australia, Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam, and currently leverages his vast experience into connecting investors with blockchain startups along with other projects in the incubator period in the media and entertainment industry.
Won Jang
Won Jang

Won is a working professional who focuses on event management and also conducts research on the social implications of-

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Technology. He has work experience in diverse places around the world – in Singapore, Egypt, USA, Jordan and Lebanon. He is a graduate of Columbia SIPA and currently lives and works in New York City. 
Paul S Park

Paul has worked in the blockchain industry where he has a long and documented track record of success. Over the last decade-

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He has filled multiple roles within the entertainment & media production industry where he has focused on the integration of blockchain into the field to improve product efficiency and transparency. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Paul’s extensive experience in project management is invaluable to Fandom.live overall structure and stability.
Creative Director
Tri Nguyen
Motion Graphic Designer
Sabir Shah
Full-Stack Developer
Clydeen McDonald
Marketing Manager
Hy Tran
Social Media Manager
Layla Nguyen
Human Resources Manager

Our Advisors

 We Have The Experience

Sidi Airouss
Advisor for Football Match Tour

Sidi is the chairman of FIFA Match Agent Association and CEO of United Football Management. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with many of the world’s top football clubs and football playing countries including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus along with Belgium, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina.

Jeremy Park
Advisor for Concert Tour in Oceania

Jeremy has extensive experience in the marketing and entertainment industry. Jeremy has gathered experience in the across multiple markets in Asia and North America among others. His creativity has seen him gather experience in multiple markets across Asia in the Americas.

Kenneth Chang
Advisor for Concert Tour in China Mainland

Kenneth is the former General Manager of IMG China and Live Nation China, who has used his many years of experience in the entertainment to develop strong brands while hosting major events.

Adrian Leong
Advisor for Concert Tour in Southeastern Asia

Chairman of IMG Live Group based in Singapore, Adrian possesses a wealth of experience in the live entertainment industry with his companies or projects he has been a part of hosting scores of top Chinese and Asian pop acts including Jay Chou, Faye Wong, and Eason Chan. Currently serving as the Chairman of the IMC Live Group, Adrian uses his decades of experience in Asia’s entertainment industry to bring the world’s biggest acts and capturing huge audiences.

Vicent Nos Ripolles
Advisor for Core Blockchain Technology

Advisor for Core Blockchain Technology – Vicent has over a decade of experience in blockchain technologies and has worked on the development of multiple blockchain projects including the development of universal wallets in Europe. In Switzerland, where he is currently based, he has played a leading role in the development and distribution of smart contract-based tokenization for the financial services industry and the trade of token-based digital currencies.

Yuree Hong
Advisor for Token Economics

Featured on Forbes and CNBC, Yuree Hong is a growth-oriented visionary working passionately within the field of future of decentralized networks, artificial intelligence, digital identity, and tokenized assets. She founded a deep tech research and consulting firm, Ampliv, in 2017, and has since led the first ‘women in blockchain initiative’ named SHE Blockchainers. Her ten years work experience includes data analytics and programmatic advertisements serving large corporates such as Intel, Visa, Citibank and Microsoft, as well as tech startup consulting.

John Jongho Kim
Advisor for a Decentralized Investment Data Analysis

John has several years of experience in the area of blockchain and has held several senior roles within the industry. John has served as the CEO for Lyze and the investment analyst at Foundation X. At Fandom he will serve as an advisor in the area of Decentralized Investment Data Analysis.

Alexandra Belec
Advisor for International IP Law

Alexandra has over 20 years of legal experience in the area of intellectual property along with commercial and distribution law along with technology. Her experience extends over three continents including North America, Europe, and Asia. Alexandra’s experience led to her working with industry-leading firms including Kim & Chang and becoming a member of teams such as INTA, ECTA, AIPPI, and APRAM.

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